The least desired oddity of the multiverse..

Part 1 – Within the ‘Multi-verse’ there are an infinite amount of universes. Of course, then, the probabilities for any existing -anything- are logically inescapable. Meaning that, within this context, it is at least logically possible that there is a universe in which the combination of the materials that make up each article of clothing eventually combined to form the clothing, the same with the chemical make up of the dryer, and the same with the being looking at the clothing.

In fact, in one of the infinite universes, the individual (if we are merely combinations of certain chemical compounds) looking upon the clothing is *you*. After all, all possibilities are exhausted within an infinite amount of universes; all chemical/elemental combinations are realized (we could even merely claim at least logical possibility).

And here is “the kicker.” In an infinite amount of universes -they are realized an infinite amount of times (again, at worst, this is logically possible). There are an infinite amount of *you’s* staring at your own clothing… I suppose in amazement. But we all know better. The multi-verse theory is true. No one should be amazed.

And remember: All of this to avoid the almost inescapable premise that the Universe had a beginning.


Part 2 – As I was thinking upon a certain picture, it brought to mind certain logical ramifications regarding the ‘multi-verse’ theory and if it were actually to be true. Of course, the reason for pointing out such ramifications is simply to reveal the many seemingly absurd positions in holding to such a theory. Sure, it does not mean that the ‘multi-verse’ is not true, only that one must descend ever deeper into the depths of “goofiness” to hold to it.

But, I believe, that an even “goofier” argument can be made that would surely outrage an atheist that desires to hold to the theory. Namely, for the same reasons listed below regarding infinite combinations of elements/materials/chemicals (all must be logically exhausted, or surely possible- even an infinite amount of times) an atheist would be “cornered” into believing:

….that a man named Jesus walked on the water; a man named Jesus asked water to turn into wine at the precise moment it happened; a man named Jesus told the wind and waves to cease at the precise time that it ceased; and numerous other apparently miraculous events (not to mention any and all of the “normal” daily activities from the sermons to the statements).

But you might ask, “Walk on the water? That is impossible.”

No – Only very improbable according to Richard Dawkins:

“A miracle is something that happens, but which is exceedingly surprising. If a marble statue of the Virgin Mary suddenly waved its hand at us we should treat it as a miracle, because all our experience and knowledge tells us that marble doesn’t behave like that…

In the case of the marble statue, molecules in solid marble are continually jostling against one another in random directions. The jostlings of the different molecules cancel one another out, so that the whole hand of the statue stays still. But if, by sheer coincidence, all the molecules just happened to move in the same direction at the same moment, the hand would move. If they then all reversed direction at the same moment the hand would move back. In this way it is possible for a marble statue to wave at us. It could happen. The odds against such a coincidence are unimaginably great but they are not incalculably great. A physicist colleague has kindly calculated them for me. The number is so large that the entire age of the universe so far is too short a time to write out all the noughts! It is theoretically possible for a cow to jump over the moon with something like the same improbability. The conclusion to this part of the argument is that we can calculate our way into regions of miraculous improbability far greater than we can imagine as plausible.”

But recall – with an infinite amount of universes, these “improbable combinations” are not improbable at all – they will happen at some point – at even must happen an infinite amount of times.

So, in the case of even “A guy named Jesus walking on water” one simply has to have the correct combination of the atoms that make up the feet to match exactly (fit on top of) the atoms that make up each molecule of water.

Ridiculous? Of course it is. That is the point.